vrijdag 20 februari 2009

'Twee' and a photoframe

I guess I have a lot of inpiration these days:) There are weeks that I hardly make anything, but this week it goes all by it self! I made this layout yesterday with pictures who are waiting for at least 6 months...The paper is here for almost a year and suddenly it fits together!! The journaling is about my sweetie who always take
funnt faces when I have a camera (does all men do that????) It seems he only can be normal if we're together :)

This photoframe was hanging in our bathroom for more than a year...It was white and I wanna make an eyecatcher of it...I put paper behind it and I cut the swirls with the Cuttlebug. Some flowers and some buttons and it looks totaly different!!!! I had to admit that I kind of lift it from Yvette :)

By the way, my dear husband didn't think it is an eyecatcher.....He had gone to the badroom and I asked him if he sees something different...."Do you mean the rabbit or the painting?" "No dear, I meant the frame.....the rabbit is sitting there for more than 6 months and the painting hangs in there for more than 3 years!!!!!!!!!!" So he went back and finaly he sees it....LOL

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Anoniem zei

Wat een geweldig mooie layout Wilma !!!! Dat photoframe is een prachtig idee !!